Friday, May 4, 2012

A Hater Until The End: The Last Messages of J.T. Ready

White supremacist and anti-immigration extremist J. T. Ready took his life in horrific and tragic fashion on Wednesday, killing four others, including an infant, before shooting himself in the Phoenix, Arizona, suburb of Gilbert. Though the investigation is ongoing, police believe that Ready initiated the murderous spree of domestic violence. 

The Anti-Defamation League has uncovered Ready’s final on-line messages, revealing that, even in the final hours before he took his own life and the lives of those closest to him, he was busy spewing hatred and anti-Semitism. Early in the morning of Wednesday, May 2, the day of the massacre, Ready posted a steady stream of messages to the video hosting site YouTube as well as to the white supremacist message forum Stormfront.

These messages from Ready drip with heavy-handed racism and anti-Semitism. “Hitler was right,” Ready responded (posting under his screen name of USBorderGuard) on YouTube to a comment from a British user. “And if you are too stupid to see that then you deserve to get pushed off your island into the sea by a bunch of foreigners. Jews like Jack Straw have sold you down the river[,] mate.”

In another post, he opined, “Too bad traitors from within are selling the UK down the drain and letting Pakis in at home to destroy the British race once and for good. I hope the soldiers revolt and take back their island from the scum.”

In response to a video of journalist Mike Wallace interviewing Morgan Freeman about Black History Month, Ready asserted that “Jews are not White. They hate White people. [T]hey genocide Whites from the planet.” He also repeated this opinion in another post in response to a different video: “The Jew parasites want to genocide Whites from the planet in order to enslave the rest of the races. All races should unite against this evil.”

Ready also posted to the hate site Stormfront at this time, though after the shooting spree that site’s moderators deleted his account. However, through Google caches or in responses from other posters who subsequently quoted Ready’s messages, his final comments on Stormfront could still be unearthed.

Not surprisingly, these posts also revealed his obsession with anti-Semitism. In them, Ready responded to news that five anarchists had been arrested in Cleveland for allegedly attempting to destroy a bridge. Ready seemed convinced that Jews were involved, either as perpetrators or as plotters in the government creating a set-up. “Have [the anarchists] not yet figured out,” he asked, “that they are both just tools in the same globalist tyranny toolbox?”

To another poster, who expressed doubt as to whether or not the anarchist suspects were Jewish, he responded: “Learn what a Jew looks like[,] then you won’t be so Jewblind. Calling a Jew a ‘hipster,’ [C]hristian, atheist, Buddhist, communist, capitalist, liberal, conservative, traitor, patriot, criminal, saint, democrat, republican, or anything else…still does not change the racial fact that a JEW is a JEW!”


Anonymous said...

JT Ready is a scumbag. I hope he's burning in hell with his hero, Hitler.

Hmm, I have blond hair, blue eyes, and just happen to be Jewish. If Jews aren't "white," then what am I?

Anonymous said...

...a JEW?