Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White Supremacist Jared Taylor Speaks to 700 Nationalists in France

Jared Taylor speaks to white nationalists in France
Jared Taylor, who heads American Renaissance, a Virginia-based online white supremacist journal, spoke to about 700 white nationalists in France on March 10, 2012, about preserving  French identity and combating third world immigration to that country. According to Taylor, the meeting was sponsored by the French nationalist group Nationality, Identity, Citizenship (NCI) to “oppose current proposals to let foreigners from non-European countries vote in local elections.” 

The conference included politicians, authors, and academics. The themes touched upon by speakers at the conference included many of the same issues that white supremacists and racists in the United States focus on today—the preservation of white, European identity in the face of a growing multicultural society. Some of the speakers at the conference in France also attacked Islam as a threat to French society.

Taylor told those gathered at the conference that their fight to preserve French identity was significant for people of white European descent all over the world. He warned his French counterparts to “not make the terrible mistakes that we have made in America.” Taylor added, “Avoid at all costs the cult of diversity.”

In addition to Taylor, Filip DeWinter, the head of the racist and xenophobic Belgian nationalist group Vlaams Belang, spoke about the fight against multiculturalism.  According to Taylor, DeWinter asserted that “multiculturalism attacks our resistance against assaults on our identity, our civilization, our culture, and our existence as a people.”

In 2007, DeWinter visited the United States and met with Pat Buchanan and other racists. In 2011, he spoke at a meeting in the United States hosted by American Renaissance.

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