Monday, February 6, 2012

Dallas Nation of Islam Leader Calls Jews and Asians “Blood Suckers”

Jeffery Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) longtime leader in Dallas, has charged that Jews and Asian-Americans are among those that have exploited African-Americans for decades. Muhammad, minister of the NOI’s Mosque 48, reportedly said that Asian-Americans “are just the latest in a long line of people who have come to this country -- like Jews, Italians, Indians and now Asians -- who have sucked the blood of and exploited the black community.”

Muhammad’s comments were made amidst increasing tensions resulting from several racially-charged incidents at the Diamond Shamrock Kwik Stop in South Dallas.

Muhammad has also taken his campaign against the store to Twitter, where he has reiterated his anti-Asian remarks on multiple occasions, including in a February 6 post that read, “Asians want to know if we are targeting all Asian business. We know Asians have targeted Black communities to exploit. The JIG IS UP.”

While the incidents have prompted concerns from other community organizations as well, Muhammad’s reference to “blood suckers” to describe the relationship between African-Americans and other minority groups, especially Jews, is right out of the NOI playbook.  

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