Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anti-Israel Activism Hits Brooklyn High School

ADL has information that more than 75 universities and colleges have formal anti-Israel groups that operate under the name “Students for Justice in Palestine.” These groups invite anti-Israel speakers to campus, organize BDS campaigns and coordinate Israeli Apartheid Week events and other similar programs. High schools, however, were not considered a likely venue for student organized anti-Israel activity. Until now.

Students at Brooklyn Technical High School recently formed a Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at their school. The group meets weekly and even has a Facebook page. Are high schools going to be a new frontier for the domestic anti-Israel movement? Leave your comments and thoughts below.


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nothing wrong with that. let people expose the apartheid state of Israel

Anonymous said...

Apartheid as in South Africa before? I thought Arabs can go to Universty inside Israel and they have access to education , health and employment.
In addition if they are apartheid , why do Africans risk their lives to cross to Israel ?
I assume they are crazy to leave the paradise of Egypt ??

Anonymous said...

Poorly written article, in such that you completely missed the point of the group.

They expose the crimes against humanity that Israel's military commits against Palestinian freedoms, and they also discuss Middle Eastern Affairs, as well as history (1900's).